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  1. Conservation Laboratory and Textile store to be moved again following University plans to build on the 'Rifle range' site.
  2. Successful Museum bid to the Arts and Humanities Core Funding Scheme for running costs 2001-2006 following successful Lottery Fund access award ?
  3. First Museum Education Officer appointed ?
  4. Short term project to investigate new audiences for the Museum started
  5. Displays worked on during the year: New Body Art displays [also funded by DCF], Benin artefacts New introductory case
  6. Bob Rivers, Head Technician, retired. He had worked in the Musuem since 1954
  7. Final year of DCF first project, with all targets met and all accession book entries transferred onto computerised database
  8. Part of the Banbury Road Balfour Buildings public displays closed to make way for new Conservation Lab and textile store
  9. Plans drawn up for new Research Centre on site of 'Green shed'
  10. Public opening hours extended on weekdays and Saturdays. The Musuem opens for booked groups from 10.00 am - 12.00 pm and to the General Public from 12 - 4.30 pm
  11. New Museum logo and corporate style introduced
  12. Museum website relaunched
  13. Museum's computerised collections managements databases for objects and photographic collections was accessible by the public online for first time
  14. East end of the Upper Gallery reopened following award from DCMS Wolfson Museum and Galleries Improvement Fund ?
  15. New Conservation Lab at 60 Banbury Road, and textile store fully operational
  16. New research project funded by ESRC begins: Relational Museum project.
  17. Funding from Zayed Bin Sultan al-Nahyan (head of state of Abu Dhabi) to produce a spine catalogue of Sir Wilfred Thesiger's photograph collection.
  18. DCF second project 'Court Project' begins to locate and document all objects stored and displayed in Museum's Court
  19. Project to research and make available on-line the Museum's collections of objects and photographs from the Southern Sudan begins [funded by the AHRB 'Resource Enhancement Scheme']
  20. Bid for Science Research Investment Fund [SRIF] funding to construct Research Centre on Museum's 'Green Shed' site sucessful.
  21. Baden-Powell Quaternary Centre transferred to Institute of Archaeology
  22. Museum staff relocated to 60 and 64 Banbury Road to make way for new development
  23. Part of Museum's displays temporarily closed whilst preparation work for new developments begin
  24. Green shed, Balfour Library and workshop lean-tos demolished to make way for new research building
  25. DCF Court project ended
  26. The DCF funded third project 'What's upstairs' commenced
  27. Museum visitors survey carried out
  28. Displays worked on during the year: photographic collections in new case
  29. Musical instrument storage moved to Banbury Road
  30. Revised edition of the Museum Souvenir Guide published
  31. Funding from AHRB to research and make available on-line the Museum's collection of historical Tibetan photographs begins. Project is carried out jointly with the British Museum.
  32. Work begins on new development to south of main Museum building
  33. Work continues on Whats Upstairs project
  34. Museum to apply for Accreditation status from MLA
  35. New development building work due to complete
  36. The Museum's extension due to open
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