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  1. OUMNH building work completed
  2. Museum House built [accommodation for OUMNH Keeper]
  3. BAAS meeting held at Oxford, featuring the famous debate between Wilberforce and Huxley at OUMNH ?
  4. Installation of Oxford University natural history collections at OUMNH completed
  5. Henry Balfour born, 11 April
  6. First complaints made of lack of space in OUMNH
  7. George Rolleston advocated relocation of the University's archaeological and anthropological collections to OUMNH
  8. Pitt Rivers loaned some of his objects to South Kensington Museum for special exhibition ?
  9. Pitt Rivers' collection first put on public display at Bethnal Green ?
  10. Catalogue of Pitt Rivers collection displayed at Bethnal Green published, Catalogue of the Anthropological Collection lent by Colonel Lane Fox for exhibition in the Bethnal Green branch of the South Kensington Museum June 1874 Parts I and II. London, S
  11. John Phillips, Keeper OUMNH, died
  12. Pitt Rivers' Collection displays moved from Bethnal Green to South Kensington Museum main site
  13. Revised version of Pitt Rivers' catalogue of his collection published
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