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  1. R. Gurden died
  2. Dennis Britton replaced J.S.P. Bradford
  3. New wall cases installed paid for by bequest from Miss G.A. Hansell
  4. Displays worked on during the year: arrows, treatment of the dead
  5. Sum of money willed to University to ensure Museum garden serves as memorial to Gurden
  6. H.F. Walters died after working in museum for more than 30 years, replaced in post by his son K.H. Walters
  7. New Diploma in Anthropology instituted
  8. Displays worked on during the year: Hawaiian feather cloaks,
  9. Card catalogues copied onto microfilm to be stored elsewhere in case of fire
  10. H.P.G. Unsworth replaced Gurden as Librarian and Museum Secretary
  11. Penniman retired as Curator of the PRM
  12. Bernard Evelyn Buller Fagg appointed as third Curator of PRM, post of Curator established as full time permanent post for first time
  13. First mention of the Swan Fund
  14. Fagg started in post
  15. Title of Curator Emeritus conferred on Penniman
  16. Delegates for OUMNH (which also covered PRM) changed their name to Delegates for the Science Area
  17. Fagg unveiled new plans for new Museum building, on Banbury Road
  18. Plans for new Temporary Exhibition area established
  19. First electronic typewriter obtained by staff
  20. Donald Ferlys Wilson Baden-Powell joined staff?
  21. Plans for new museum continued
  22. D.F.W. Baden-Powell retired, Derek Roe appointed to replace him
  23. Construction of temporary exhibitions gallery completed
  24. Netsuke were stolen, man charged, thereafter a small strong room was installed
  25. Automatic smoke detectors were installed throughout museum buildings
  26. Roof overhauled and brickwork on gable ends improved
  27. 18 Parks Road was obtained for storage space
  28. First Museum van obtained
  29. New Diplomas in Anthropology and Prehistoric Archaeology began
  30. Displays worked on during the year: New firearms display provided in Court
  31. First Museum photocopier obtained
  32. Blackwood appointed Honorary Assistant Curator
  33. Blackwood continued to work on cataloguing collections and on the card catalogues
  34. Separate annual reports for PRM agreed
  35. Plans for new museum on Banbury Road site continued
  36. Temporary exhibitions gallery opened
  37. Green shed used for lecture theatre and labs now storage moved to Parks Road
  38. Plans for new museum building prepared by architects Nervi and Messrs Powell and Moya, outline planning permission granted
  39. New lecture theatre, demonstration room and seminar room created in Green Shed in use
  40. Blackwood continued to work on cataloguing collections and on the card catalogues
  41. Fund-raising committee formed to get finances for new building
  42. Fagg suffered stroke, which incapacitated him for rest of year
  43. Further specimen lab provided through Wenner-Gren funds
  44. Equipment for conservation and photographic labs and museum workshop provided
  45. Peter Gathercole replaced Ken Burridge as University Lecturer in Ethnology
  46. Further storage provided above workshop
  47. Colour TV installed in lecture theatre
  48. Blackwood published 'The Classification of Artefacts in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford.'
  49. Peter Gathercole replaced by Schuyler Jones of ISCA
  50. Displays worked on during the year: Netsuke
  51. Small service lift installed
  52. Fund-raising committee dissolved, Curator asked to work with University Surveyor to devise more economical plan
  53. Displays worked on during the year: 'Cook display' [Forster objects]
  54. Occasional paper no. 10 published, 'Metallurgical Reports on British and Irish Bronze Age Implements and Weapons in the Pitt Rivers Museum' by I.M. Allen, D.Britton and H.H. Coghlan
  55. Extra storage space given in huts behind 1 South Parks Road
  56. Donald Tayler and Ray Inskeep appointed to Assistant Curator posts
  57. Ray Inskeep appointed Acting Curator during sabbatical leave by Fagg
  58. Revised plans for Banbury Road site commissioned, on a staged modular basis
  59. Upper Gallery used for temporary storage of items previously at 18 Parks Road until new store at Osney Mead was available, the Gallery was closed during this process and archery displays dismantled. The Upper Gallery remained closed for over 20 years until the 1990s
  60. Textile collections moved to new accommodation in huts behind 1 South Parks Road [conservation laboratory area]
  61. Conservation laboratory fully operational
  62. 60 Banbury Road was allocated for Musuem use by University
  63. First completely separate Annual Report for PRM submitted for publication
  64. 60 Banbury Road allocated for use by Museum and monies from Francis Baden-Powell made possible establishment of Quaternary Centre
  65. New Conservation Lab financed by Museum and SEAMS opened ?
  66. Blackwood died, 29 November 1975
  67. Fagg retired
  68. Plans continued to be drawn up for use of site of 60-64 Banbury Road for museum
  69. Displays worked on during the year: Study collections and Upper Gallery displays reorganized
  70. PRM glass roof boarded over
  71. Brian Allan Lefevre Cranstone appointed as Curator of PRM
  72. Penniman died, 16 January 1977
  73. Work on new buildings at 60 Banbury Road began
  74. Stores at Osney are reorganised
  75. Building work at 60 Banbury Road completed
  76. First of new monograph series published by museum, 'Eskimos of Northwest Alaska in the Early Nineteenth Century' by J.R. Bockstoce
  77. The University Surveyor's installed central heating in ground floor of Osney Store to make it suitable for organic material
  78. After Osney altered, items previously stored in basement of Examination Schools is transferred
  79. Investigations of how to provide fire escape for Upper and Lower Galleries neared completion
  80. Roof of 60 Banbury Road retiled
  81. No. 2 in the Monograph series was published, 'The Kukukuku of the Upper Watut' by Blackwood. Edited from her published articles and unpublished field notes, with an introduction by C.R. Hallpike
  82. Racking erected in the Museum store at Osney and material transferred from elsewhere
  83. Roof of Balfour Library re-slated, staircase enclosed and made fire retardant
  84. Work on Galleries fire-escape still not started
  85. Venetian blinds installed over large windows at south and north sides of the Museum. For first time there was no natural light in museum
  86. Front of 60 Banbury Road landscaped
  87. Unsworth retired, Julia Cousins appointed in his stead
  88. Unsatisfactory environmental conditions at new exhibition area on Banbury Road prevents installation of displays
  89. Displays worked on during the year: stone tool collections
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