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Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers

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  1. Began inspection of ancient monuments
  2. In August travelling in Scotland
  4. In June travelling in Wales, in August on east coast of Scotland
  5. Collection moved from South Kensington Museum to Oxford
  6. In June awarded DCL from Oxford University
  7. In August - September travelling in Carlsbad
  8. Published 'Excavations in Cranborne Chase' Vol I
  9. Published 'Excavations in Cranborne Chase' Vol II
  10. Tylor stayed with Pitt Rivers in Dorset
  11. Pitt Rivers visited Oxford in October
  12. Had dispute with Balfour about bow publication
  13. Gave lecture at Oxford University Museum of Natural History [OUMNH] Theatre, "The Original Collection of the Pitt-Rivers Museum; the Principles of Arrangement and History", this is sometimes taken to be the opening of the Museum.
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