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Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers

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  1. In July lectured on Principles of Classification
  2. In July exhibition of collection at Bethnal Green opened
  3. Published catalogue for displays at Bethnal Green
  4. In December lectured on 'Early modes of Navigation'
  5. Worked on Postford Farm, Guildford where he lived [the place not the farm!]
  6. Contributed to first edition of Notes and Queries
  7. Published 'On Early Modes of Navigation' in the Journal of the Anthropological Institute
  8. In May gave lecture on the 'Evolution of Culture' to Royal Institution
  9. Continued to live in Guildford
  10. Between June and September worked at Cissbury
  11. Published 'On Early Modes of Navigation' in the Journal of the Anthropological Institute
  12. In June elected to Royal Society
  13. Worked at Seaford Camp, barrows near Guildford
  14. Continued to live in Guildford
  15. President of the Anthropological Institute
  16. Worked at Somerset with Rolleston, barrows near Guildford, Mount Caburn
  17. In October made Major-General
  18. Gave up command at Guildford
  19. President of the Anthropological Institute
  20. His collection displays moved from Bethnal Green to South Kensington Museum
  21. Worked at Caesar's camp Folkestone and Mount Caburn
  22. In October - November worked on Brittany archaeological survey
  23. Remained in France over winter
  24. During March - April continued Brittany archaeological survey
  25. In Scandinavia with Rolleston
  26. In October worked at Dane's Dyke, Flamborough
  27. Inherited Cranborne Chase and changed name to Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers
  28. During August and September dug barrows at Rushmore with Rolleston
  29. Created Larmer Gardens on estate
  30. Pitt Rivers' offer of founding collection to South Kensington Museum rejected
  31. In March went on a Cook's Tour of Egypt
  32. From October to February 1882 carried out work at Winklebury Camp
  33. From July to September in Austria (and Germany?)
  34. In October made an honorary Lieutenant-General
  35. In November invited to become Inspector of Ancient Monuments
  36. In December worked on barrows at Cranborne
  37. President of the Anthropological Institute
  38. Negotiations with University of Oxford about donating founding collection to Oxford underway
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