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Italian glass scent-bottle, of the mid-Victorian period donated by Beatrice Blackwood in 1944.
Italian glass scent-bottle, of the mid-Victorian period donated by Beatrice Blackwood in 1944.
(1944.12.1, copyright PRM)

In addition to the monograph the Relational Museum team have prepared a series of papers on aspects of their research:

Alison Petch 2004 'Collecting Immortality: the field collectors who contributed to the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford' Journal of Museum Ethnography 16: pp 127-139

Alison Petch 2005 'The happiest years': J.H. Hutton and the Nagas' Friends of the PRM, Oxford Newsletter Issue 54 November 2005

Frances Larson. 2006 Anthropology as Comparative Anatomy? Reflecting on material culture studies during the late 1800s and the late 1900s' in Journal of Material Culture vol 12 (1): 89-112

Frances Larson & Alison Petch. 2006 "Hoping for the best, expecting the worse": Thomas Kenneth Penniman - Forgotten Curator of the Pitt Rivers Museum Journal of Museum Ethnography, 18: 125-139

Alison Petch. 2006 "Counting and Calculating: Some reflections on using statistics to examine the history and shape of the collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum" Journal of Museum Ethnography, 18: 149-156

Sudanese Kohl flask made of leather
Sudanese Kohl flask made of leather with carrying straps and woollen tassels. Donated by Edward Burnett Tylor in 1911.
(1911.1.71, copyright PRM)

Chris Gosden, Frances Larson and Alison Petch. 2006 Origins and survivals - Tylor, Balfour and the Pitt Rivers Museum and their role within anthropology in Oxford 1883 - 1905 [ISCA Centenary volume]

Alison Petch 2006 'A Typology of Benefactors: the relationships of Pitt Rivers and Tylor to the Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford' Forum for Anthropology and Culture [Russia]

Alison Petch 2007 'Notes and Queries and the Pitt Rivers Museum' Museum Anthropology vol 30 no.1 Spring 2007 pp 21-39

Alison Petch. 2006 'Chance and Certitude: Pitt Rivers and his first collection' Journal of the History of Collections (2006) vol. 18 no. 2 (2006) pp257-266
Full article PDF

Frances Larson, David Zeitlyn and Alison Petch. 2007 'Social Networks and the Creation of the Pitt Rivers Museum' Journal of Material Culture, Issue 12(3) November 2007

Frances Larson 'Anthropological Landscaping: General Pitt Rivers, the Ashmolean, the University Museum, and the shaping of an Oxford discipline' - Journal of History of Collections (2007) further details to follow

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