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The content and framework for this website was authored by Alison Petch (in collaboration with other members of the Relational Museum Project, especially Frances Larson) and the website was constructed by David Harris. Help was also received from the following people (listed in alphabetical order):

Alison Bailey

Simon Bailey

Arkadiusz Bentkowski

Naomi Bergmans

David Berry

Robin Boast

Edgar Bowring

Stella Brecknell

Sue Brooks

Ali Brown

Tabitha Cadbury

Christopher Chippindale

Natasha de Chroustchoff

Philip Cook

Jeremy Coote

Julia Cousins

Neil Curtis

Mark Dickerson

Sue Donnelly

Helen Drury

Jocelyne Dudding

Sandra Dudley

Carine Durand

Hana Dvoráková

Elizabeth Edwards

Haas Ezzet

Kate Gardner

Simon Gill

Paul Goose

Jim Hamill

Debi Harlan

Clare Harris

Colin Harris

Jill Hasell

Chris Hawkins

Amy Henare

Anita Herle

John Hobart

Alison Hobby

Nigel James

Jennie Montague Jones

Diane E. Kaplan

Malgosia Nowak-Kemp

Jim Kennedy

Chantal Knowles

Arthur MacGregor

George McGavin

Zena McGreevy

David McKitterick

Serena Marner

Alice Millea

Howard Morphy

Chris Morton

Mike O'Hanlon

Caroline Oates

Eva Oledzka

Malcolm Osman

Shanti Pappu

Sue Payne

Laura Peers

Anna Petre

Laura Phillips

Fiona Pitt

Megan Price

Monica Price

Suzy Prior

Peter Rivière

Alison Roberts

Hélène La Rue

Stephen Quirke

Margaret Sarosi

Wendy Shepherd

Alan Simpson

Rachael Sparks

Julia Steele

Elizabeth Stratton

Sarah Strong

Anna Towlson

Rachel Walker

Godfrey Waller

Nicholas Waller

Norman Weller

Sarah Walpole

Norman Weller

Chris Wingfield

Helena Winston

Cathy Wright

Michael Young

David Zeitlyn

Staff at Newbury Museum

Staff at Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum

Staff at Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

and last but not least all the other members of staff of the Pitt Rivers Museum, past and present.

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